The Cosmetic And Practical Benefits Of Teeth Straightening

The Cosmetic And Practical Benefits Of Teeth Straightening

Not everyone is blessed with a straight set of teeth. In fact, most people have one or two teeth that are a little crooked. For most of us, the aesthetics of crooked teeth and the quest of a perfect smile are what send us to the dentist’s chair in need of some help, but there are practical and medical benefits to straightening your smile out too. Even if you’ve passed adolescence and you’re questioning the necessity of straightening your teeth as an adult, there are many pay-offs to the process.

Let’s go beyond the mirror and take a look at the major benefits of teeth straightening.

Why Are My Teeth Crooked?

The appearance of our teeth is genetic and it’s possible that one of your parents has passed their less-than-perfect teeth onto you. Or, you may have started life out with straight teeth but knocked your teeth out of alignment due to a trauma in the mouth when you were younger. Whatever the reason, teeth straightening is essential for your dental health.

Smile With Confidence Again

Crooked or misaligned teeth can be a cause of embarrassment for many people and straightening your smile can make you look – and feel – like a different person.

On a social level people often say they feel they are judged unfairly if they have imperfect teeth. Younger children may be teased by their friends at school and adults who haven’t corrected their crooked teeth may feel they cant laugh or smile authentically or try to smile through closed lips). You may choose to look miserable in family photos – or avoid them altogether because you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look. Adolescents may struggle more with the social element but there are plenty of adults out there who have hang-ups about their appearance and people’s perception of them because of their teeth.

Confidence is essential for a happy life and it has to do with a lot more than just looks. More confident people are more assertive and more likely to pursue their goals and dreams in life. When you feel as though you want to hide away from the world you may do the same with your hopes and dreams.

A consultation with your friendly dentist from Supreme Dental Cranbourne will explore the various straightening options at your disposal, and which could work best for you.

Protect Yourself From Dental Decay Through Teeth Straightening

Misaligned teeth are more difficult to clean and floss than straight teeth as there are more areas you can’t reach or see with your toothbrush. If crooked teeth are not dealt with they can create further complications and increase your chances of dental decay. If left untreated dental decay can lead to periodontal disease, which can ultimately result in tooth loss.

Straightening your crooked teeth will keep your teeth and gums much healthier. Healthy teeth and gums are essential for a healthy body. Poor dental hygiene, sites of tooth decay have been linked to other forms of disease in the body, including heart disease.

Preserve Your Teeth So They Last A Lifetime

When you have what is known as a crowded bite, your teeth may be worn down prematurely. The structure of the jaw allows for all teeth to be accommodated, but only when they are straight. When they are misaligned and crowd the mouth, they can rub against one another causing wear and tear. This can cause pain and discomfort, and also weaken your teeth.

Teeth that crowd the mouth are also more susceptible to fracturing. Fracturing occurs quite frequently on front teeth that protrude from the jaw.

One of the primary objectives of dentistry is to preserve teeth so they last as long as possible. Straight teeth are stronger teeth that can support your lifestyle for as long as you live.

Manage Your Lifestyle

Patients who have misaligned teeth and severe over or under-bites may be more likely to experience sleep problems and sleep apnoea. If your teeth are crooked and you are experiencing sleep problems, undergoing teeth straightening would be a major benefit.

A lot of people grind their teeth in their sleep and even when your teeth are straight, this causes the surface of your teeth to wear down. When you grind crooked teeth causes significantly more damage and can result in further complications.

Increased Tooth Sensitivity

It is also common for crowded teeth to be sensitive to very hot and cold temperatures when they are under a lot of pressure. This can cause a great deal of discomfort when eating and drinking. It may even make your dental hygiene routine less comfortable.

Straight Teeth Are More Effective For Chewing

Our teeth are designed to perform a function. We need them to chew and eat to stay alive. When your teeth are straight, it is easier and more comfortable to chew your food. When you have crooked teeth there may be certain types of food that you avoid; either because you can’t or because it hurts you to do so. When your teeth are straight no food is off-limits. Eating those nuts or biting into the side of an apple should be a pleasure to enjoy.

Live Without Limits

If you play sport or are a very active person, having crooked teeth can be very dangerous. It’s much easier for two front teeth to be knocked out if they protrude, than if they fit comfortably into the mouth. Of course, any trauma done to a tooth in a crowded mouth can cause further damage to the other teeth in the mouth.

In summary straightening your teeth presents a wide array of benefits. You can face the world with more confidence in yourself, without fear of judgement from others. You can protect your mouth against the added risk of tooth decay, improve tooth sensitivity and enjoy more freedom when eating.

Our friendly Supreme Dental Cranbourne dentists will answer your questions and concerns about teeth straightening and advise you on the various treatment options available. Contact us today at (03) 5995 3819.

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